Osmo Pocket 3 Creator Combo

    1. For Moving Moments

      The all-new Pocket 3 features a powerful 1-inch CMOS sensor that puts detail-rich imaging right in the palm of your hand. With a 2-inch rotatable touchscreen and full-pixel fast focusing, go horizontal or vertical for more precise awareness and control. 4K/120fps, three-axis mechanical stabilization, and a host of intelligent features make Pocket 3 ready for any moving moment.

      Endless Light and Shadow Detail Authentic Colors in More Scenarios The 1-inch CMOS sensor captures clear highlight-shadow details, delivering amazing footage even in low-light scenarios. With 4K/120fps capability, savor every breathtaking moment in slow motion. 10-bit D-Log M and HLG, record landscapes with professional-level color flexibility for true-to-life colors and a full-spectrum visual experience.

      Natural Skin Tones Steal the Spotlight Direct output with a clear and glowing complexion enables consistently excellent results. Always look your best with Glamour Effects 2.0 and personalized beauty options.

      Quick, Stable, Accurate Shooting Capture Any Moment Shake-Free From family moments to pet adventures, full-pixel fast focusing locks onto a rambunctious kid or playful pup with stunning accuracy. With three-axis gimbal mechanical stabilization, the camera view remains stable even with dynamic movements. The agile, pocket-sized design allows for ultra-convenient creation on the go.

      Worry-Free Creation Vibrant and Innovative Options The 2-inch rotatable touchscreen supports quick switching between horizontal and vertical shooting. Just a simple twist, and you are ready to go. ActiveTrack 6.0 provides multiple follow modes, allowing you to produce smooth, cinematic footage with just one hand. Stereo recording and direct connection to two DJI Mic 2 Transmitters ensure crystal-clear sound and effortless creation.

    1. 1-Inch CMOS & 4K/120fps
      2-Inch Rotatable Screen & Smart Horizontal-Vertical Shooting
      3-Axis Gimbal Mechanical Stabilization
      ActiveTrack 6.0
      Full-Pixel Fast Focusing
      D-Log M & 10-Bit
      Stereo Recording

    1. 1 x Osmo Pocket 3
      1 x Type-C to Type-C PD Cable
      1 x Osmo Pocket 3 Protective Cover
      1 x DJI Wrist Strap
      1 x Osmo Pocket 3 Handle With 1/4″ Thread
      1 x Osmo Pocket 3 Wide-Angle Lens
      1 x DJI Mic 2 Transmitter (Shadow Black)
      1 x DJI Mic 2 Windscreen
      1 x DJI Mic 2 Clip Magnet
      1 x Osmo Pocket 3 Battery Handle
      1 x Osmo Mini Tripod
      1 x Osmo Pocket 3 Carrying Bag
      1 x Quick Start Guide
      1 x Disclaimer
      1 x Warranty Card

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