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DJI Mic 2 (1 TX + 1 RX)(CE)

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    1. DJI Mic 2

      Pocket-Sized Pro Audio
      Capture authentic sounds with the upgraded, ready-to-use DJI Mic 2. With its premium features, including high-quality audio recording, intelligent noise canceling, and support for 32-bit floating-point internal recording, DJI Mic 2 empowers you to produce balanced and detail-rich audio content perfect for vlogs, interviews, livestreams, and more.

      Sleek Revamped Design
      DJI Mic 2 features a sleek new design, elevating its aesthetics. A new charging case crafted from premium metal creates a minimalist appearance, and a newly added locking latch is secure and reliable to prevent accidental drops for peace of mind during use.
      You can choose between two stylish transmitter colors: Shadow Black and Pearl White. The Shadow Black adds a discreet, high-tech appearance to your Mic 2 setup, while Pearl White offers an elegant alternative for those seeking a chic colorway.

      Clear Audio Recording, Pro-Caliber Results

      Always Sound Great
      Capture brilliant audio with DJI Mic 2's omnidirectional audio recording, specifically optimized for vocals. Easily tackle multi-person scenarios for vlogs, interviews, or various other recording needs.

      Powerful Noise-Cancelling Performance
      The new intelligent noise cancelling feature effectively reduces environmental noise for clean, uninterrupted conversations, even in bustling urban areas or crowded rooms.
      Try adding the windscreen to effectively reduce wind noise in windy or fast-moving scenarios.
      Safety Track, Safeguard Your Audio
      A second track can be recorded at -6dB alongside your main audio track to safeguard against unexpected audio level spikes. Even in highly complex, audibly chaotic environments such as a rock concert, DJI Mic 2 delivers balanced results with remarkable ease.

    1. High-Quality Audio Recording
      All-In-One, Ready to Use
      14-Hour Internal Recording & 32-bit Float Internal Recording
      Intelligent Noise Cancelling, Crystal-Clear Vocals
      250m (820 ft.) Range
      18-Hour Battery

    1. 1 x DJI Mic 2 Receiver
      1 x DJI Mic 2 Transmitter (Shadow Black)
      1 x DJI Mic 2 Camera Audio Cable (3.5mm TRS)
      1 x DJI Mic 2 Mobile Phone Adapter (Type-C)
      1 x DJI Mic 2 Mobile Phone Adapter (Lightning)
      1 x DJI Mic 2 Windscreen
      1 x DJI Mic 2 Clip Magnet
      1 x DJI Mic Splitter Charging Cable
      1 x DJI Mic 2 Carrying Pouch
      1 x Documents

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